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Simplicity, Functionality and Elegance in One.


TFT Technology Group has established herself as a leading innovator of audio & visual consumer electronics appliances by simply adhering to the following strategy:

The company’s strategy is to use the LCD TV as the core product but differentiating itself by having different feature such as

  1. 2.1/5.1 channel speaker – creating a home entertainment system
  2. having a TV lifter incorporated
  3. having a TV rack with 2.1/5.1 channel system
  4. having 5.1 channel wireless speaker system

TFT Technology Group’s uniqueness & ultimate value lies in our integration of new technologies in audio & video into existing products to provide unique solutions to our customers that increase their product value & improve their bottom line.  This coupled with prompt, reliable and global support logistics ensure that our customers will have peace of mind when distributing our solutions.


In simple words, our product solutions to our customers are based on the following motto: Simplicity, Functionality and Elegance in One.