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CES International Exhibition 2008 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

TFT Display (M) Sdn Bhd has recently participated in the CES International Exhibition 2008, one of the world most popular consumers’electronics exhibitions in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. TFT Display (M) Sdn Bhd participated in this exhibition as a manufacturer of home entertainment system, putting on display a wide range of electronic products in the likes of LCD TV, Sound Bar and TV Rack with the brand name of Symph@ny. The company has the direction to expand her business in the international arena and is gradually gaining awareness among customers and suppliers in the industry.

The main aim of this participation is to create awareness of the company in the global arena. Our goal is to introduce our range of electronic products globally and to meet potential customers and business partners. During the exhibition, TFT Display (M) Sdn Bhd has developed market networking from visitors all over in Las Vegas. The experience enables us to exchange views locally and globally. On the other hand, TFT Display managed to bridge potential business partners and market players from the CES Exhibition and enabling us to understand market conditions and consumer demand for high-end electronics from various countries around the globe. It allows our technical team to further understand the many different technological standards and requirements to penetrate foreign markets. These feedbacks are from various distributors, wholesalers and customers mentioned are from various states of USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East and East Asia.

TFT Display gathered that there are some customers who are interested in CKD parts and preference in customization of electronic products. The exhibition gave us an opportunity to understand that our final products might need customization or ground-up redesigning in order for our products to be acceptable for distribution elsewhere. Contacts were established for future dealings. TFT Display aims to continuously improve its Research and Development to move with the market trend in consumer electronics in the global context. From this exhibition, we gathered information regarding potential market trend and the existence of strong competition, and be benchmarked as a guideline for future business.International events such as the CES International Exhibition will certainly assist TFT Display to grow as a global player in consumer electronics, where TFT Display can be a contributor to the Malaysian economic growth.